A new Collection of inspiring Decors for 2021

Our invitation to Travel the World and Time
As 2020 has finally come round to drawing the curtain, we would like to distract you with a trip through different periods and cultures, mostly casting your gaze over the great outdoors which we so miss. 2021 may take us back to the fresh air. Take a peek : 
It starts in the great meeting point of East and West: Istanbul. Inspired by a series of lithographs by Schranz, dated 1856, the Bosphorus, emptied of its buildings and bridges is painted according to a perfectly drawn vista of the existing topography. If the Mosques appear on the skyline to evoke the mythical city, the skyscrapers and even older buildings have been conveniently replaced by nature. A multitude of aimless ornamental vessels animate this idealised vista. (Romantic Bosphorus)
Also from Istanbul is Ahmet III’s early 18th Cent. Fruit Room from Topkapi, re-visited by Iksel in pastels. Whether you feature it behind a bed, on a wall or in a full room, it brings a timeless serenity. (Ottoman screen)
The fine stone marquetry from the Norman Palace in Palermo associated with weathered marble make a sumptuous stripe to be used as a background in almost any context. Traditional and modern. (Palermo Stripes)
Wisteria in Landscape and Japanese Cornflowers Red are both Edo period (17th Cent) and surprisingly modern. 
Art Deco Fountain is painted after a splendid 1920’s metalwork folding screen by Edgar Brandt. 
>From faux metal we go to faux wood trellis from Louis XIV’s France. We painted a series of Exotic trees and birds into these delicate wooden structures similar to the ones in Versailles. (Trellis Exotica)
We now move on to Flanders and Tapestry. A very convincing faux version which hangs in several chateaux. (Birds Tapestry)
Next is a very famous Renaissance architecture by Brunelleschi all in faux stone. One of the models of modern Perspective by one of its inventors packs a big punch on a wide wall. (Brunelleschi Perspective)
You will find 43 full decors in our collection of Standard Decors. They come in 5 Heights and many colour options.

Mehmet & Dimonah Iksel
Our view of the Bosphorus : the full decor is over 20 meters long in our new H300 standard height.

Romantic Bosphorus


This decor was painted in our studio after a lithograph printed in the 1850s by the Maltese painter Jean-Giovanni Schranz.

We decided to make a full “verdure” out of it, omitting characters and simplified buildings.The result is a much greener and sparser Bosphorus than that of the time. However, the stunning nature and topography are very much present. Today, skyscrapers add to the contrast between past and present. Also, Istanbul has grown more than twentyfold.

Romantic Bosphorus is proposed in 3 standard color options

Palermo Stripes


The Norman Palace in Palermo is such an extraordinary fusion of medieval Norman, Arab and Byzantine styles that it totally captivated us. We tried to pay them homage by repainting it in our studio and adding it to our bespoke printed collections. The famous stripe design, however, has been added to our Standards. It is a faux stone marquetry together with weatherbeaten marbles from an old mosque courtyard.

The juxtaposition of the two elements and their intentional irregularity will, we hope, inspire designers who yearn for a feeling of history.

Wisteria in Landscape


The Wisteria with its gnarled bark has a very modern look. We also offer colour variations for the background.

Trellis Exotica


These exotic trees and landscapes with intense birdlife are set in a Louis XIV Treillage which reminds us of the ones used in the gardens of Versailles. Many of the drawings used for the vegetation that we transformed to suit our purpose, are also of the period.

This decor is infinitely more complex than anything you will see on a screen. It has great character and enough formalism to be at once very Exotic and resolutely Old World.

Trellis Exotica is proposed in 3 standard color options

Art Deco Fountain


This famous screen by Edgar Brandt was originally made in welded metal in the early Twenties. We have simply re-created a faux painted version which is very much in the spirit of the period where many artists became great metalworkers not only for objects but also for the architectural ornamentation which characterises the Art Deco period in Paris and New York.

Brunelleschi Perspective


This Scenic is one of a series of Ideal Cities painted by Brunelleschi in the mid-1400’s. Besides being the architect of the Duomo in Florence, Brunelleschi, along with Piero della Francesca, was one of the pioneers of modern perspective.
Our version is highly textured unlike the original and much larger, of course.
Brunelleschi Perspective in Grey Tones color option
Brunelleschi Perspective is proposed in 3 standard color options

Ottoman Screen


This screen is developed from the famous Ahmet III Fruit Room at Topkapi (early 18th Cent.). We have changed the colors and simplified the graphic concept but also accentuated the Indian feeling which we believe is definitely behind the paintings. And why not an Indian painter, in a period of intense exchange between Ottoman and Moghul courts ?

Japanese Cornflowers Red


A very original and modern looking design from 17th Cent. Edo Japan (today’s Tokyo).

This decor loops and can be used for one wall or a full room.

Birds Tapestry


The origin of this tapestry is in 16th Cent. Flanders where even Italians like Giulio Romano had their cartoons finely woven into masterpieces. These cartoons were actually quite crude compared to their splendid woven form. Our paintings are impressionistic versions of the woven form rather than the cartoons. They hang very comfortably and bluff visitors in several chateaux in France. And they usually pass as family heirlooms rather than prints from Iksel.

This decor loops and can be used for one wall or a full room.

Standard Decors in 5 standard sizes

Our 43 standard decors are now proposed in 5 standard Heights : H225 (88 3/5″), H255 (100 2/5″), H275 (108 1/4″), H300 (118″) and H325 (128″).