Hand Painted Projects

Entirely custom hand-painted decors, designed specifically for a particular project, using designs we create or make to the designer’s specifications. Intricate gold leaf work if desired is one of our specialities. This option is painted on a crackled gessoed canvas to install as full rooms, panels in moldings or as decorative panels. This is our top of the line option which is very time consuming for the studio and is the ultimate luxury in frescoed rooms.

Custom Printing

Custom printing means the client selects a design from our collection and sends us measurements or elevations of the surface to be covered. We then adapt the chosen design to their room so it looks tailor-fitted to their space. All the architectural and ornamental designs in our collections are available only in custom printing. The other designs can be adapted to the height and colour required for each individual project. Thus each project is unique and printed specifically for a particular space. For some areas we might require templates in order to fit perfectly. This option is priced by the square meter or square foot and also has customization fees.

Standard Printing

Standard printing means the client selects a design from our pre-determined Standard Size and Colour collection. We offer scenic designs in three heights : 225cm, 255cm and 280 cm x 90 cm (88.6, 100.39, 110.2 inches x 35,43 inches) and in most designs, 3 to 8 colour choices are available as well as grey tone & sepia options. Standards have a very attractive price point because there is no customization. There is also the advantage of rapid delivery. Almost all of our standard designs loop ie. first and last panels connect, so it is possible to continue the design as long as necessary.

Decorative Panels

Decorative panels are a selection of panels that offer decorating solutions without having to do full wall installations. We have a vast collection of panels that can be framed or stretched on wooden chassis with printed faux frames or that can be framed as any painting and hung in a room as decorative panels. They can also be mounted as folding screens. Many subjects are available as series of panels that can be hung as pairs or can go around a room as suites of panelling. One can consult our online catalogue for the complete selection available.

Archive Collection

The archive collection is an extraordinary convergence between original 18th century decorative works and state of the art technologies. We had the very good fortune through our friendships with important antique dealers who had inventories of original 18th Cent. East India Company wallpapers, museum directors who appreciated the quality of our work, chateau owners and private collectors who had confidence in us, that we were able to slowly piece together such a rare and valuable collection of antique wall decors. These wallpapers sometimes come up for sale at famous auction houses and fetch important prices as they are so rare and beautiful. We are able to offer them to our clients at a fraction of their value because we have scanned them at the highest possible resolution into our image bank. It is impossible to distinguish our prints from the originals and we have baffled many experts with their realism. We can also custom print them in the height needed for any project. Many of these wallpapers were in poor condition or incomplete scenics. We took the liberty of interpreting and reconstructing the missing parts and restoring and refreshing the damage digitally. We also were careful to preserve the wonderful patinas and atmosphere of the originals. We invite you to visit our website where you can browse through our complete collection of antique archive designs that include selections of repeat designs, decorative panels & scenic decors.