The Sky is the Limit

Did you know that Iksel offers the largest collection of ceiling designs and is the only wallpaper brand which provides a perfectly customized option for our decors to fit any room?

Ceilings have always been a crucial element in interior decoration. Along with the two dimensions of the walls, the ceiling represents the indispensable third dimension of any room: decorating a ceiling is primarily about creating a sense of either envelopment or openness. This is why trompe l’oeil designs featuring skies or architectural elements can be found in many grand buildings around the world.

We are pleased to announce that our Ceiling collection is now fully available online. Explore our website to discover 36 ceiling designs available in various colors, resulting in over 60 unique combinations.

With extensive experience in printing custom ceilings, our team of architects will support you throughout your project, ensuring a smooth and easy process.

The Iksels

Mamluk Geometric Ceiling

Geometric designs were widely used throughout the Islamic world, reaching unparalleled levels of elegance and complexity. This particular ceiling design is from the Mamluk period, dating back to the 14th century. Its undulating lines create a sense of dynamic movement.

This ceiling design is available in six different colors and is custom-made to fit your room’s dimensions.

It is also offered as a Repeat Design wallpaper under the reference RW216 Mamluk Geometric.

Kubilai’s Tent Deep X-Ceiling

This tented ceiling, with its convincing trompe-l’oeil effect, can be paired with Kubilai’s Tent wallpaper or other designs. This ceiling design comes in eight different colorways and is custom-made to fit your room’s dimensions, Four colorways are coordinated with our Chinoiserie Eastern Eden SC121. For a less pronounced depth, consider the CE113 Kubilai’s Tent X Ceiling!

Kubilai’s Tent is available also in our Fabric Collection with its Coordinated design Kubilai’s Tent Fabric RF712.

Eastern Eden Ceiling

Eastern Eden ceiling completes the chinoiserie of the same name with an extravagant Bamboo trellis and flower canopy in the Chinese fashion. This ceiling design is available in six different colors and is custom-made to fit your room’s dimensions.

Enjoy it as a standalone feature or paired with our Scenic Decor Eastern Eden SC121. This design is also available in cs71 Turquoise, printed on soft linen. The Eastern Eden RF721 fabric measures 300 cm (118 1/8″) in height and 540 cm (212 5/8″) in width, creating a stunning, looping section of our Eastern Eden scenic decor.