Iznik Blues

To decorate their palaces, public spaces and mosques, the aesthetic preferences of Ottoman Sultans of the 15th century began to shift towards a new style. This style was characterized by the use of exquisite Iznik çini, or tiles, which soon adorned the court’s primary residence, the Topkapi Palace.

The allure of Iznik ceramics was not confined to the Ottoman Empire. Their beauty captivated Genoese and Venetian merchants, leading to their widespread distribution. This golden age of Iznik ceramics lasted approximately a century. However, with the decline of the Ottoman Empire, the craft lost its protection and by the late 17th century, it had all but vanished.

For the ensuing centuries, original Iznik pieces could only be found in art brokerages and museums like the Louvre and the Smithsonian.

Over time, we have developed a significant collection of faux tile patterns. Each one is hand-painted in our studio, drawing inspiration from the magnificent designs that originated in the city of Iznik, located on Turkey’s Western coast. We are now happy to offer them in our Custom and Standard Collections.

The Iksels

Iznik – Architectural Decors

We had a first-hand experience of these designs during our 5 years of living in Istanbul.  We decided to collect as many of the patterns as possible and repaint them in our studio with a much finer hand than the originals. We have assembled these designs for decors within our collection.  Our Iznik designs have been installed in many gorgeous rooms worldwide, and we are proud to say these decors have become one of the trademarks of Iksel Decorative Arts.

The Iznik design has always been a cornerstone of our Architectural Decor Collection. These decor pieces are meticulously crafted to customize the environments in which they are installed, offering an unparalleled range of personalization.

From Tory Burch’s Long Island house to Mark Sikes’s Kips Bay Dallas 2020 project, and Ramy Boutros for Em Sherif Restaurants in London (Harrods) and other cities, many interior designers have chosen Iksel’s  Iznik Architectural Decors, demonstrating the endless variety of compositions and colorways these patterns offer.

Iznik – Repeat Design Wallpapers

The year 2024 began with a big news for Iksel: the launch of our Iznik Repeat Design Collection. Our Iznik are now available not only in custom, but also in Standard versions. 15 different Iznik patterns are available in our Repeat Design Collection in 5 different sizes, from 255cm to 375cm.