Japanese-inspired Scenic Decors

We are happy to present a selection of our Japanese-inspired Scenic Decors: ‘Japanese Cranes’, ‘Edo Wisteria’, and ‘Japanese Stables’.

Each of these captivating designs embody the true spirit of Iksel: Meticulous crafted through archival research, delicate handpainting and thoughtful composition. The results are unique, refined and timeless decors.

We are confident our Scenic Decors will be able to add a touch of grace to your interiors, while celebrating Japanese aesthetic values.

The Iksels

Japanese Cranes

Elegant by Nature

Our ‘Japanese Cranes’ design is inspired by the artistic tradition of Japan, where folding screens were used as decorative and functional elements. These screens often depicted scenes of nature, such as birds, flowers, and landscapes. We have taken a magnificent example from the 17th century and transformed it into a full scenic design that covers the entire wall, creating an elegant landscape.

The design features wild cranes, a symbol of longevity and grace in Japanese culture, against a backdrop of cherry blossoms and mountains. The color palette is soft and harmonious, blending well with any interior style. ‘Japanese Cranes’ is a perfect choice for a large room, where it can create a sense of spaciousness and tranquility.

Interior Design: Barrie Benson.

Interior Design: Killy Scheer, Scheer & Co.

Edo Wisteria

A symbol of Love and Resilience

Interior Design: Suzie Mc Adam.

Edo Wisteria’ is a surprisingly modern design that draws from 17th century Japan. The gnarled bark has a calligraphic elegance which contrasts with the soft wisteria blossoms.

We have transformed this original screen design into a Scenic Decor available in 11 vibrant colors and 5 standard sizes, spanning over 12 meters at 3m height.

 “Edo Wisteria” offers color customization through our Standard+ Service: more than 60 background colors are available. Our Custom Service allows you also to also have this Scenic Decor printed at the height of your walls, and in any custom color.

Japanese Stables

Saddle your Steed

Japanese Stables’ is a fusion of exquisite Japanese screens we have restored and reworked. Two of them, dating back to the early 16th century, feature an array of horses in a stable, painted in the graceful Yamato-e style. The background is a lush meadow from other screens, created in the early 17th century, and showing a serene autumn night.

Available in 5 standard heights (H225 to H325cm), this design can also be printed in custom size to fit your walls.