A Royal visit to Brighton

The great houses of Britain are lucky to preserve some of the finest 18th and 19thcentury rooms in the Chinese style. Belvoir and Chatsworth, to the more intimate Abbotsford and Claydon houses all possess Chinese decors either imported at great cost from Canton or reproduced locally by British artists.

Of all the mentioned, it is certainly The Brighton Pavilion which offers the most striking examples of the “Goût Chinois” with beautiful wallpapers and extravagant frescoes still in their original setting.

Built by George Prince of Wales (later King George IV) in the late 18th century and redecorated between 1815 and 1822, the house combines Indian architectural elements on the outside and striking Chinese design on the inside. This oriental fantasy inspired many of our Scenic and Architectural Wallpapers.

These Scenic Decors are Exotic Chinoiserie, Exotic Chinoiserie Blue & White, Xanadu Balustrade and Xanadu Landscape. The Architectural Wallpapers include, for example, Chinois Key and Brighton Ming.

The Iksels

Xanadu Landscape


‘In Xanadu did Kubla Khan,  A stately pleasure-dome decree’

Xanadu Landscape‘ is a re-interpretation of the wallpaper hung on the walls of Queen Victoria’s bedroom in The Royal Pavilion. From the original we removed the balustrade to add a serene landscape, and our painting process infused this wallpaper with rich textures and patinas.

While unmistakably European and 18th-century in atmosphere, this wallpaper pays homage to traditional Chinese craftsmanship and manufactures.

Xanadu Landscape‘ comes in standard in 8 colorways and is available in 5 heights (ranging from H225 to H325cm).

With our Standard+ service, you have the flexibility to customize the background by choosing from a palette of over 60 colors. Our Custom service allows us to precisely tailor the design to match the dimensions of your walls.

Xanadu Balustrade

From the Brighton Pavilion to Buckingham Palace

Our ‘Xanadu Balustrade‘ originates from the room where Queen Victoria once rested in The Brighton Pavilion. The very same Chinoiserie that adorned her private sanctuary later graced the Yellow Drawing Room in Buckingham Palace. Now, we present it to you in a meticulously repainted and digitalized version, available as Standard in 8 colorways and 5 heights.

Just like its “Landscape” counterpart, “Xanadu Balustrade” invites you to explore our Standard+ Color+ option by choosing from a palette of over 60 background colors.

Exotic Chinoiserie

A pinnacle of the “Goût Chinois”


Exotic Chinoiserie‘ was inspired by the Music room at The Brighton Pavilion. This room, entirely decorated with in the Chinoiserie style, is one highest achievements of the royal decorator Frederick Crace. The Italian composer Gioachino Rossini performed here, Oscar Wilde lectured and Charles Dickens gave readings in this glorious room. 

Thanks to a careful composition work, we managed to transform the murals that adorned the room into a 25 meter long Scenic Wallpaper.

This design is available in 11 different colorways in standard and is also available in over 60 additional background colors with our Standard+ service. 

Available in 5 standard sizes (from H225 to H325) and can also be printed in panels to the height of your walls (Custom service). 

Exotic Chinoiserie Blue & White


The original fresco by Crace was painted in gold on a deep red background.

We developed a new version of the decor in blue and white colours in the spirit of Ming porcelain under the reference SC134 ‘Exotic Chinoiserie Blue&White‘.

Chinois Key


We developed a series of Architectural decors, like this Chinois Key, combining architectural elements with sections of our Exotic Chinoiserie scenic decor. Available in custom sizes only, and in many colors options.  

We invite you to visit our website or contact us for more information about this Chinois Key, our Regency Chinoiserie, Chinois Key Boiserie or Brighton Ming, all architectural decors inspired by our visits to The Brighton Pavilion.