Iksel’s Heritage Collections

“Moresque Alcove”

Our new Spanish-Moresque Heritage collection is the result of archival work seeking to resurrect some of the finest motifs from late Islamic Spain, at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries

Interior Designer : Lorenzo Castillo

“Alhambra Checks” is a beautiful checkerboard of star geometry combining blues and browns with gold. It is available as fabric, printed on chenille velvet (RF907) and wallpaper (RW907)

“Granada Circles” is a geometry of spheres and stars on a crimson background. This pattern is available as fabric, printed on chenille velvet (RF903A) or linen (RF903B). It has also been developed as a wallpaper (RW903).  

“Nasrid Lions” closes this Spanish-Moresque collection. Featuring a motif of lions and palmettes, it is representative of the fusion of styles between the Moorish world and European heraldry.  Available as fabric printed on a linen and cotton canvas (RF916) and as wallpaper (RW916)

Like all our wallpapers, Nasrid Lions is printed on our standard non-woven wallpaper and can also be printed on alternative medias, like vinyl coated wallpaper and glass fibre wallpaper.

“The Buyids are back!”

It is available as fabrics printed on a linen and cotton mix (RF908) and as wallpaper (RW908).

As with all our repeat design wallpapers, it is sold by the panel in 5 standard sizes (H255 to H375) and also available to the specific height of your walls in Standard+.

“Mongol Chic”

At the crossroads of China and the steppe, “Ogodei Lions” is a very original edition of a 13th-century Mongol motif.

Available as wallpaper (RW902) or printed on a linen and cotton canvas (RF902); the ultimate testimony to the court life of the great Khans. 

“Cool as Manchu”

“Manchu Medallions” is a pattern that draws inspiration from a 19th-century fabric. Its exquisite palette features faded hues of orange, blue, and green, set against a beige background.

It is printed on thick chenille velvet (RF910) and available as wallpaper (RW910)