Focus on Tented Rooms

Designer : Ilse Demeulemeester

For the past few months, we have lived in our homes, rediscovering them as shelters at the heart of which we find security and privacy.

We feel the urge to move again, the desire to rediscover the world that opens from the threshold of our homes. We are presenting this month our collection of tents. These decors which evoke both the protective house and travel.

Hereafter in our focus of the month.

Ottoman Tent Pasha

These two Ottoman tent designs come from those used in 17th cent. military campaigns. The tents were ornamented inside, with the finest patchwork sewn onto the canvas. If the common soldier slept on the rough, the generals on the other hand, travelled in style, as these splendid tents attest. Many such pieces were captured by the Polish cavalry after the rout at the 2nd siege of Vienna in 1683 where the Ottoman general Kara Mustafa Pasha not only lost the battle and his tent but also his head which was swiftly removed in Belgrade as an admonishment for the disgraceful defeat to the infidels. The most notable examples of these marvellous patchwork designs are in the castle of Cracow where they are among the Polish spoils from their historic victory.

Ottoman Tent Mehmet

Kubilai’s Tent

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Kubilai’s Tent customized for this room, opening onto a view of our Brazil scenic decor. The “trompe l’oeil” of a breeze opening the curtains gently is achieved.

Kubilai’s Tent in standard green color, as presented in House & Garden (Sept.2017)

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Kubilai’s Tent ceiling in X-Design. To see more options, click below.

Kubilai’s Tent in our beige standard color, showing a bit of the wainscoting.