Suzani Harmony

We are pleased to present our Suzani Harmony, inspired by Central Asia’s traditional needlework. The Harmony is composed of a Scenic Decor and three Repeats all with matching motifs. All decors are available as both wallpaper and furnishing fabric

 We were thrilled by the opportunity of combining four Suzani designs in the decoration of a salon of an Art Collector in Sloane Square, London. In this composition we loved the subtle embroidery effect which emerged juxtaposing spades, carnations, and paisley designs along with our borders.

The Iksels

The Salon of an Art Collector

A close up of our new scenic decor Suzani Paisley and Suzani Borders combined to create a custom composition for a living room in Sloane Square, London.

These decors are also available on fabric and printed in standard and custom options.

We combined three Suzani designs: “Suzani Spades“, Suzani Carnation” and “Suzani Paisley” which harmonize in color and composition, along with our “Suzani Borders“.

The 4 designs of our “Suzani Harmony”

Suzani Paisley

The Scenic Decor “Suzani Paisley” is inspired by the beautiful needleworks of Central Asia. The paisley pattern probably originates in Persia or India and is used extensively in the region, and is traditionally said to symbolise the mango.

This design belongs to the Suzani harmony, composed of four matching motifs in similar colorways. all available as wallpaper  and fabric.

A corner of our Suzani Paisley Ceiling”, assorted to the accompanying scenic design.

This can also be combined with the other wallpapers and fabrics of the Suzani Harmony” collection.

Suzani Carnation

Using a traditional Turkish motif, this carnation design is inspired by the beautiful needleworks of Central Asia.

“Suzani Carnation” as Wallpaper is available in 2 colorways : cr51 Nattier and cr54 Blues and as Fabric in 1 colorway: cr54 Blues.

Suzani Carnation Ceiling”, assorted to the accompanying repeat design.

Suzani Spades

“Suzani Spades” is available as Repeat Design Wallpaper, Fabric and Ceiling.

Suzani Borders

Completing the harmony is our “Suzani Borders” design, available as wallpaper and fabric. This motif works perfectly in combination with all other elements of the Suzani collection.