Greenery Decors

At this time of year, most of us are familiar with the welcoming of Christmas trees into our home. Once an old pagan tradition in Europe to celebrate the winter solstice, now a symbol of Christmas proceedings. Let’s take a peek at some of our emblematic greenery decors in this December newsletter.

Iksel’s panoramic wallpapers are famous for their leafy landscapes and our painters particularly shine in the precise depiction of plants and trees. These designs have the special quality of bringing nature inside your home. We will present to you one of our latest Scenic Decors: Swan Lake and two of our tapestries: Birds Tapestry and Floral Tapestry, available in two versions.

Swan Lake

A View from the Lakefront

‘Swan Lake’, our beautiful lakefront view, draws inspiration from 18th century designs. During this period, French artists created remarkable works which captured the new fashion for interior design. This composition, hand-painted in our studio in a soft color palette, aims to evoke the graceful atmosphere of these times. This design is available in 3 different colorways and 5 standard sizes (from H225 to H325), and in custom sizes and colors.

This enchanted scenario wouldn’t be complete without a sky nuanced by soft clouds. Here you can see a detail of our “Swan Lake Ceiling”, assorted to the accompanying Scenic Decor.
Available in 3 colorways, the design is developed in custom sizes to match specifically to your ceilings.

Birds Tapestry L.

The Singing Forest

This design aims to capture the impressionistic beauty of the woven tapestries and brings to you what once was passed down through generations as a precious heirloom.

The “L.” stands for looping, as this Birds Tapestry can be used as a large decorative panel on one wall or to transform the whole room into an intimate forest.

Floral Tapestry

In Full Bloom

The Scenic Decor ‘Floral Tapestry‘ (SC154) is inspired by the original cartoons of a rare floral work from Brussels executed in the 16th century. This wallpaper is composed by panels that feature the floral design and one extra panel that has vertical borders to frame the decor. This way, maximum versatility is granted to the design of your interiors.

Should you prefer a more surrounding design, this decor is also available without borders under reference ‘Floral Tapestry Allover‘ (SC155).

Available in 5 standard heights (H225 to H325cm), this design can also be printed, with our Standard+ Service, in panels to the height of your walls, and in any custom size to fit your walls and ceilings.