A Scent of Summer

Qianlong Garden & Imperial Garden

Many years ago, one of our friends, an antique dealer, found a wonderful series of Chinoiserie wallpaper painted around 1800 for the East India Company, at an auction. With the help of a team of artists, he traced integrally the original decor of what was to become our Qianlong Garden.

Thanks to these tracings and many photos of the original panels we were able to repaint this decor in our studio and can now offer it to our clients, in eight different color options. Amusingly it was the same friend, who then later sold the original antique Chinoiserie wallpaper to Pierre Bergé and it was installed in the apartment he shared with Yves Saint Laurent.

Qianlong Garden has a rich composition. The traditional trees of life adorned with flowers and birds are the central elements around which many everyday scenes are depicted.
Using the same structure, we composed a second, lighter, decor with only the trees, flowers and birds of the original motif: our Imperial Garden.

Little Tuscany

In continuation with the Series dedicated to gardens and landscapes we are featuring Little Tuscany : an open view of a lake with trees and rocks in the Italian idiom.

Tourist Animals

As summer days are an invitation to travel, let us tease you with these extravagant Tourist Animals, placed in unusual locations, yet perfectly at ease in their new environments.

The Iksels

The Iksel