Iksel Discovery Tour – Milano Design Week 2024

Salone del Mobile & Milano Design Week

Meet us all week in our new IKSEL Corner @Nobilis Showroom (Largo C. Treves, 5), Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm, to discover our latest collections of Scenic Decors, Repeat Wallpapers and Furnishing Fabrics, and to admire one of Iksel’s classic landscape designs: our ‘Italian Promenade’ decor.
The origin of this wallpaper dates back to the early 19th century frescoes in Bologna, where it still exists in its original form on the walls of a room within the university campus. 

I Segni del Tempo (Via M. Formentini, 4) is hosting a remarkable combination of ‘Palermo Stripes’, ‘Palermo Marbles’ and ‘Palermo X-Ceiling‘, all inspired by The Norman Palace in Palermo, an extraordinary blend of medieval Norman, Arab, and Byzantine styles that captivated us entirely. We tried to pay homage to it by repainting it in our studio and adding it to our standard and bespoke printed collections. 

Verdeolivia (Via P. della Francesca, 15) will showcase ‘D-Safavid Reverie’, the latest creation of Dimonah Iksel’s coloristic and compositional flair. This decor is inspired by a variety of Safavid miniatures, predominantly from the 17th century. Its landscape is populated by many recognizable folk tales for the informed, yet it offers Oriental color and whimsy for the decorator.

At Marino (V.le San Michele del Carso, 9 & 10), you’ll be able to see another of Dimonah Iksel’s whimsical creations, ‘D-Rajput Fantasy’ in Pop colorway. Inspired mostly by the wonderful Kronos collection of Rajput miniature paintings at the Metropolitan Museum in NY, Dimonah composed a collage that took the painters in our studio over 8 months to complete painting in full scale. 

In the showroom of Bonati & Beneggi (Via E. Toti, 4) we are present with ‘Swan Lake’ and ‘D-Dream’, an idealised landscape assembling the work of some of the great naturalists of the late Renaissance and 18th century. 

Moreover, at La Casa di Babette (Piazza di S. Maria delle Grazie, 1) ‘Livia’s Garden’ is displayed, a reinterpretation of the fresco of Livia’s room at Palazzo Massimo alle Terme in Rome and ‘Dutch tree of Life’, made after the style of a 17th century Dutch screen. 

At Lo Studio (Via S. Maurilio, 11) a beautiful combination of ‘Kubilai’s Tent’ and ‘Japanese Stables’ is presented, the latter inspired by Japanese screens from the 16th and 17th century. 

At Nap Atelier ( Via Privata della Braida, 1) we present ‘Italian Promenade’ and ‘Kubilai’s Tent’ printed on Glassfiber.  

In the Aldoverdi showroom (Via Sansovino 13/A), you will find the pairing of Iksel’s Scenic Wallpaper and Ceiling decor. The walls of a room are adorned with ‘La Fête Chinoise’, a colorful and amusing Chinoiserie developed from a French block print decor of the early 19th century. In the second space, the ceiling opens towards the clear sky of our ‘Trellis Ceiling’, a classic trompe-l’œil of Italian origin. 

In Salda’s booth at Salone del Mobile (Padiglione 13, Stand G03), you will discover on one side, a selection from our ‘Chinese Fantasy’, a series of Decorative Panels inspired by the Chinese Pavilion in Palermo. On the other side, you will see the latest addition to our catalogue. Launched especially for Salone del Mobile 2024, the Pop colorway of our Scenic Wallpaper ‘Swan Lake’. This composition, hand-painted in our studio with a soft color palette, is a classic example of 18th and 19th-century scenic decor.

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See you in Milano!