Hanging Instructions for Iksel standard wallpapers

1) A good acrylic primer should be used on the surface before applying adhesive. The longer it dries the better.

2) Our Standard paper, despite its pleasant rigidity and touch is a revolutionary new non woven product which is particularly easy to hang. It must be hung dry, with adhesive applied only to the wall, not to the paper. In North America we recommend Ultra Premium Clear Strippable Pro 880 adhesive by Roman. One of the many virtues of this adhesive is slow drying time. It will allow you to re-position the panels for perfect connections. In hot weather even this product will dry too fast so it is preferable to use AC. In Europe you can use Metylan (Henkel) for non-wovens. The mixture should be applied to the back of the paper and to the wall in correct quantities and when the paper is applied it should be slippery so that panels can easily be re-positioned before the adhesive starts to dry and harden

3) Try to avoid getting adhesive over the printed surface. If it happens use a dry sponge to dab it off and let dry.

4) Take care not to scratch the surface while pre-manipulating these large panels. Also prefer a flat brush for smoothing the wallpaper on the wall. A heavy rubber roller is also good. Avoid plastic scraper which can be rough on the printed surface.

5) It is important to cut margins very straight so as to have perfect joints. These should be almost invisible. For this you need a large table, a long ridged metal ruler, a cutter and plenty of fresh cutting blades for smooth cuts.

6) Waterproofing can be done before hanging with Polyvine acrylic varnish (matte) This is a clear and matte product to be sprayed in one or two coats before hanging. If you prefer a gloss or semi-gloss varnish a wide range of products is available.

7) When you hang a very dark color run a close dark color all along the edges of the paper with a thin brush. This will avoid seeing a faint white seam after hanging.

8) Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is any problem whatsoever.


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